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Lost Pet Assist

We assist a variety of clients who are looking for their lost pet.

Pet Tracking

We have experienced tracking dogs that can track your pet.

A Resolution

Our tracking dogs help to "Make the Pathway to Home Visible".

How do I find my lost pet?

Step 1: Preserve Scent

Preserve a scent article from your pet in the event you use a Tracking dog. (Scent article =  collar, sweater, bed, blanket, or fabric toy)

Step 2: Flyer

Flyer your neighborhood and outside your neighborhood up to a 2-3 mile radius.* 

Step 3: Report the Loss

File a lost pet report with PawBoost.com, and on all social media (i.e., Facebook, Nextdoor, etc.).

Step 4: Consult a Tracker

Call us to discuss the specifics of how your pet got lost.  We may be able to assist you by phone for FREE in under 15 minutes.  If not...

Step 5: Book-a-Track

Call to Book-a-Track with a Tracking dog.  This is the best plan for "Making the Pathway to Home Visible" for your pet.

Step 6: Follow-up

Follow the Action Plan implemented by the Tracker to help reunite you with your pet.  (*the Action Plan works in combination with the Dog Track).

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Helping to Keep the Family Together

"Our mission is to help reunite you with your pet!"

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Tracking Hours

All tracks are by appointment only!